This page presents a selection of  projects spanning the past 7 years. Click here for the most recent (password: resume).

I hope this list sheds light on my skills and experience. I’ll gladly talk you through any of the below when we meet.

– Oliver



The bulk of my career has focused on Product Management of software, SaaS, mobile and API products. A short selection are presented below, with more recent examples from Xtravirt, Sonar and Crunch available on request.

From MVP to v1 example: Sonar

  1. Project: Re-designing web analytics platform Sonar, building the channel and launching
  2. Content: -> Click here to view details
  3. Launched 2016
  4. My involvement: Product Management, sprint involvement, client and partner liaison, go to market messaging.
  5. Results: Launched to the UK&I as planned with key feature set, as desired by beta clients and partners
    1. Re-worked the interface to improve user experience (web client and portal)
    2. Rebranded Sonar and rolled out across all media (web, print, partner kit)
    3. Designed and deployed automated license management and provisioning
    4. Trained the pre-sales teams across key partner businesses across EMEA
    5. A global distributor and 6 partners joined the program in the 6 months after launch

Interface improvement example: BCI BookingManager 1.0

  1. Project: Re-designing a recently acquired product to suit BCI services and Asian markets.
  2. Content: -> Click here to view details
  3. Launched 2015
  4. My involvement: End to end project management.
  5. Results: Launched to Indonesia and Philippines, with Vietnam launch planned.
    1. Moved to multi-region and multi-currency.
    2. Project Managed external development agency
    3. Managed shifting stakeholder requirements
    4. Wrote Sales tools and conducted Sales and Admin training
    5. Released 1 month late with an expanded feature set

New Product Development project example: BCI Mobile 1.0

  1. Project: Developing a mobile app to meet evolving user demands for a mobile experience.
  2. Content: -> Click here to view
  3. Launched: Jan 2014
  4. My involvement: From proposal to delivery.
    1. Building a business case for the new product
    2. Working with Product Dev Manager on agency and platform (Phonegap) selection
    3. Conducting a User survey to identify key features
    4. Specifying the product
    5. Creating wireframes and proofing prototypes
    6. Conducting User Acceptance Testing
    7. Running the Alpha and Beta programs
    8. Release on time, 6 month project.
  5. Results: First to market with a mobile app in our space.
    1. A unique advantage over the main competitor
    2. Anecdotal improvements in renewal rates (National Account Manager).
    3. Over 3,000 users in the first 12 months

User-driven innovation project example: BCI API 1.0

  1. Project: Moving BCI into the world of API and integration as a means to improving renewal rates, especially with enterprise clients.
  2. Content: -> Click here to view
  3. Launched: Dec 2013
  4. My involvement: From concept to delivery.
    1. Building a business case
    2. Working through risk mitigation strategies with board
    3. Specifying the product
    4. Coordinating the Development team
    5. Initiating BCI’s first Beta program
    6. Created the BCI Certified Partner program, development partnerships to deliver Salesforce and Dynamics plugins to market – also opening up a reseller channel.
    7. Release 1 month late, 7 month project.
  5.  Results: First to market with an API in our space
    1. 6 key clients in the first 6 months using Oracle, Salesforce and Dynamics CRM.
    2. Enabled a strong upturn in key client sales figures, comments from Sales team that ‘all large account conversations start with integration’ (Sales Manager Queensland).
    3. A positive impact on renewal rates of key clients oweing to offering integration with CRM, something our competitor cannot provide.


My role at Crunch spanned both the Product (product and proposition development) and Marketing (end to end campaign management). This included developing new products, a focus on e-commerce, briefing both SEO and PR agencies and managing the production of content and communications (web/email/Social).

New Product Launch: Crunch Insurance (2017)

  1. Project: Position and launch the new Crunch Insurance service to segments of existing Crunch Accounting clients.
  2. Target group: 9,000 active Crunch Accounting clients.
  3. My involvement: Positioning each product interface for its market segment, creating messaging and guiding imaging used.
  4. Project summary: -> Click here (password = resume).
  5. Results: Lead and Sales targets exceeded for first 2 months.
  6. Lessons learned:
    1. Switching is a harder sell. Open rates and click through rates were lower for clients who had existing Insurance.
    2. Simple subject lines convert best. In A/B testing, the longer subject lines were, the lower the performance.
    3. Clients who did not yet have Insurance converted best, especially near to the end of their business financial year.
    4. The internal cross sell is important. Client Manager and Accounting Sales Advisor referrals matched email leads in the first 2 months.
New Product Launch: BCI TenderManager (2014-5)

  1. Project: Position and launch the new Tendering service to two distinct segments; Builders (SMB-Enterprise) and Subcontractors (SMB-Medium).
  2. Target group: ~1,300 Builders and ~15,200 Subcontractors.
  3. My involvement: Positioning each product interface for its market segment, writing messaging and guiding imaging used.
  4. Content: -> Click here to view Builder week 3.
    1. -> Click here to view Builder week 5
    2. -> Click here to view Subbie week 1.
    3. -> Click here to view Subbie week 7.
  5. Results: -> Click here for campaign result summary.
    1. -> Click for Builder week 3: Open rate: 21.7%, Click through: 11.6%.
    2. -> Click for Builder week 2: Open rate: 21.8%, Click through: 7.0%
    3. -> Click for Subbie week 1: Open rate: 21.7%, Click through: 4.9%
    4. -> Click for Subbie week 7: Open rate: 7.8%, Click through: 4.2%
  6. Lessons learned: Each segment behaves differently and has very different points of value. Builders have the tenders to manage and Subcontractors submit pricing for work on those tenders.
    1. Click through declined over the weeks.
    2. Weekly is too frequent. Subcontractors ‘switched off’ and open rate dropped away by week 7.
    3. Agreed as a team to not touch a contact more than fortnightly across all product campaigns in future.

ESS Training Course launch campaign (2011)

  1. Project: Launching the first 1 day sales training in a new training division.
  2. Target group: ~3,000 users and ~23,700 prospects.
  3. My involvement: Identifying key product points and writing copy.
  4. Content: -> Click here to view.
  5. Results: -> Click here to view.
    1. Open rate: 21.7%, Click through: 6.8%
    2. Sales of over 300 tickets in the first 12 months (events were not sold via the Sales team initially).
    3. Selling out events in Australia’s capital cities
    4. Expanding to New Zealand and establishing training leadership over the local competitor PacifiCon.
  6.  Lessons learned: Strong messaging and positioning for a gap in the market led to good click through and conversion to sale rates.
    1. 19% bounce-back indicated a need to update the contact database.

New Product Launch: BCI Mobile ANZ (2014)

  1. Project: Position and launch the new mobile offering to the ANZ market as a first step to adding multi-language and launching into Asia.
  2. Target group: ~3,000 users and ~11,200 prospects.
  3. My involvement: Writing content, designing imaging and landing pages on Google Play and iTunes store.
  4. Content: -> Click here to view
  5. Results: -> Click here for results.
    1. Open rate: 19.4%, Click through: 2.0%.
    2. Downloads: 3,000 in first 12 months.
  6. Lessons learned: Very low click through rate.
    1. Messaging needed to indicate that app is free with a subscription.
    2. One product benefit was not enough on a one email campaign.
    3. Multiple week campaigns with complementary messaging preferable in future.

NZ launch campaign (2011)

  1. Project: Launching BCI’s products into the NZ market.
  2. Target group: ~3,000 users and ~23,700 prospects.
  3. My involvement: Writing copy, design collaboration.
  4. Content: -> Click here to view
  5. Results: -> Click here to view.
    1. Open rate: 22.4%, Click through: 14.2%
    2. Strong conversion to warm lead rate and interest from both members in Australia and prospects in New Zealand.
    3. 3 key prospects churned from the competition in the first 2 months.
    4. This prompted What’s On Report to contact BCI and offer sale of the business, resulting in an aquisition.
  6. Lessons learned: Strong click through and conversion to warm lead rates. Indicating that prior research (qualitative client visits) had been correct in that there was a desire for Australian businesses to extend their project lead tool to NZ and a gap in the market.
    1. The clever creative did obscure some of the message.
    2. A hybrid creative and proposition style would be used in future.



For 3 years, I managed positioning and crafted messaging for the BCI Media Group Australia and New Zealand sites.

In 2013, handed over platform management to the newly-hired Marketing Manager and provided content and strategic guidance. 

Pre-Sales Video example: BCI LeadManager

  1. Project: Re-launching a cash cow product with a new user interface and customisable notification system.
  2. Content: -> Click here to view
  3. Launched 2013
  4. My involvement:
    1. Selection of creative agency
    2. Writing the brief
    3. Positioning BCI LeadManager
    4. Writing the script
    5. Managing testing.
  5. Results: A video intended for sales training purposes became the primary sales tool during prospecting, with over 5,000 views.
    1. Used at Trade Shows
    2. Became central to product messaging on the web

Web copy example: BCI Mobile

  1. Project: Launching BCI’s first mobile product offering to ANZ.
  2. Content: -> Click here to view
  3. Launched: Jan 2014
  4. My involvement: Defining product positioning based on key features identified during pre-development user surveys.
    1. Writing web copy (see above link)
    2. Writing Google Play (click to view) store and iTunes (click to view) store copy
    3. Writing email campaign copy then tweaking the message on feedback from Sales Manager until we got it right.
  5. Results: Stronger than anticipated app downloads, reaching 3,000 in the first 12 months.
    1. Strong offer rates from Direct Sales team as a cross-sell conversation.
    2. Reported gains in Renewals of 5% (National Account Manager).
    3. Reported as key factor in winning key accounts since launch (Sales Manager Victoria).



I began developing sales tools in 2009 as Client Liaison, due to a lack of Marketing/Product team and collateral at the time. This desire to enable the sales team has continued into my product role.

User on-boarding sheet example: BCI At A Glance Sheet

  1. Project: Provide a one page quick reference sheet for new users, compatible with the full range of MS Word versions across 7 country offices.
  2. Content: ->Click here to view.
  3. Launched: 201
  4. My involvement: Design and copywriting.
  5. Results: Adopted across APAC as an on-boarding tool.

Technical Help-Sheet example: Internet Settings (NZ)

  1. Project: Reduce time taken on inbound customer service requests for PC setup tasks.
  2. Content: ->Click here to view.
  3. Launched: 2011
  4. My involvement: Writing copy and testing across browsers.
  5. Results: Automated the common and time consuming request to assist with internet settings, saving considerable time for myself and team.

Sales Manual example: BCI BookingManager

  1. Project: Train Sales Administrators in Asia in a replicable way as the product grows into new regions.
  2. Content: ->Click here to view.
  3. Launched: 2015
  4. My involvement: Writing copy and designing template.
  5. Results: Took internal users through daily tasks step by step to overcome language and skill level barriers. Feedback is positive and no re-training has been required. System usage is building in 2 countries with a 3rd to launch in 2015.

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